29 November 2008

Indians, we love you

Pictures telll stories:

This old lady sat behind her house reading the papers. Since I cannot read the language I can't tell what she is so interested in. What made this situation so special is that she was the only old lady I met wearing glasses.

A friend from my Flickr pics (Maha RT) told me that she is reading the orbituary.

The lady is smiling. Well since in Hinduism death has different meanings from Christianity maybe she is happy that a certain person ends the cycle of rebirth and reaches moksha. or at least is given the chance for a better life when he is reborn.

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To all my Indian friends:
Please know that we over here in Germany are deeply shocked for what has been happening in Mumbai right now.
We are thinking of you and we are connected via TV and participate in your grief.
We feel with you!
We love you. All of you. We don't want to miss any !!
Gina from Germany

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1 comment:

Cote de Texas said...

What a sweet message!

from Germany? WOW - what a surprise!!

hope you enjoyed the day yourself!!