27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving my dear American Friends

Happy, happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends from over here in Germany!

Today a year ago we were traveling in the US, touring the North-West Coast. Usually there is much traffic once you get to the big shopping malls around holiday season. Not so on Thanksgiving Day itself. It was like Nyepi in Bali if you know what I mean ( a day when they send off the ghosts and bad spirits . A day without light, no energy flowing, no cars, the parking lots in front of the big supermarkets empty, nobody on the street, no restaurants open. Like a trip into the galaxy. Since we had not been invited to any family party in the region were we were at that moment, we had problems to find a restaurant. All foodies were closed - even MD. We spent the night in a little Indian motel, the American motels all being sold out in the little town of San Luis Obispo, CA And the owner found us an Indian restaurant that was open. Well, one is enough and we had good Indian food there. And actually I liked the quietness of that night. Since no big lights were on you could even see the stars!!!! It gave me a sense of eternity ...

Happy Festivities , Happy Family Reunions to you all my dear friends.


Yolanda said...

I hope you loved our beautiful Northwest when you visited.

Relyn said...

Oh, Gina. How thoughtful of you to post just for us, your American friends. Know that I am thankful for you and all my dear friends from every corner of the globe. May your day be truly blessed. Much love, Relyn