02 December 2008

Pictures tell stories

"At the time of the Pushkar Mela, during the full moon in November (Kartik Purnima) up in Rajasthan there is a big market. Everything is on sale there, equipment the farmers need, gear for the horses, camels, buffaloes, cows, etc. Apart from the huge camel market there, on which some thousands of camels are said to change owners, goods for everyday life is on sale, that's being needed in the dessert Thar.
This young lady got herself some jewelry. From the expression on her face we can tell that she is very happy. "

When Hindus bathe in the Pushkar lake at the time of the full moon, they are said to get rid of their karma. Not only the bad karma but also the good. This means they have the chance to begin at zero and according to their deeds in this life they have the chance to get out of this cycle of rebirths which is their aim. Therefore millions of Indians go on a "mela", a pilgrimage each year.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Gina. Pushkar is in my wishlist and I don't know when I am going to visit it. You have beautifully given the essence of Pushkar. You must be having some nice camel pictures shot there.
You must be really lucky to travel so widely throughout the globe.
Have a nice day.

Ezhil Ramalingam

nieves said...

Qué suerte poder visitar Rajasthan. Supongo que se podrán hacer fotos maravillosas.
Esta joven que nos presentas es una foto que me encanta.

Gracias por tu visita a mi blog.


ramesh_lalwani said...

Nice portrait.From color of her dress I thought she was Hindu nun(sadhwi)I went to Pushkar last year.It is very popular with foreign photographers.

Intruder said...

i heard that recently tourists with cameras outnumber the actual mela goers at pushkar!