07 November 2015

How to combine the smartest outfit

You mean there is no need for my creative ideas.
Now you read and look first. I have been nearly all over the world as is documented on my Flickr Stream here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/21484776@N00/albums.
Yes and still when it comes again to hitting the road for a little or bigger trip you will find me right in front of my wardrobe, also in front of my shoe  closet  not knowing what to take along. Not that I didn't have enough. Actually the contrary is true. And as so many people right now talk about a "Capsule" wardrobe I had this splendid idea of preparing my own Paris Fashion Show right here in my home office.
Now how does it work. First you must get the stuff out of their hidden places so you can SEE  them. What have you got. That is put all your jeans, pants, trousers, shorts,etc. on one pile.  Same to the blouses, tshirts, sweaters, cardigans, etc. next to it. Now come the shoes, boots, slippers, sneakers , etc., then  the accessoires, scarfs, handbags, belts, a loadful of other things will follow once you get started. You will see. Up to here it is hard work. Now comes the fun part.
Set up  your favorite jeans on the floor ad any tshirt to it. And any shoes. Take a picture with your phone. Look at it. ...... Oh yes, a belt would look good with it and the cardigan there. Take a picture. Or is the Sweater better with it? Take a picture, it will tell you. How about a different belt? Or the scarf that I bought in last year's sale and never wore it. Take a picture. The scarf is ok but the tshirt could be replaced by a blouse.  Decorate it. Take a picture. Wow brilliant, but my black skirt would look good with it too. Try it. Replace the jeans. Take a picture. Different shoes. Picture. Ad some jewellery.  Where the hell are all those nice necklaces that I bought over the last couple of years on different markets or Etsy shops? Add, take a picture.
Try the same tops with different bottoms, like blue jeans, white jeans, black pants, black skirt. Take pictures. Look. Now same bottoms with different tops, like tshirt, blouse, sweater, cardigan. Picture, picture, picture...
And, and, and, .... Ok now for the trip  to come soon, that is 4 days. I need 4 outfits. Easy, peasy just choose  from the pics you have taken, baff, baff, baff.
And tomorrow I will wear my outfit on picture No. 7, along with my Chanel No. 5.

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