11 April 2006

new try on another machine

hi, this is another try to upload my pictures, these cut offs here are terrible, sometimes no power, other times no water, sometimes none at all.

Best thing here is the busrides.
Buses being crowded, fitting 30 but easily 44 in there. But then Bollywood music sort of everybody dancing and that after an exhausting working day.
The women here look well, I dont know how to say, you would expect them wearing sarees but most of them here in Goa a Christians and they wear these ugly last century neat girl dresses. Dont know what those Portuguese thought of that funny style.

Some of course, especially indian tourists women wear sarees and they even go into the water with it having a hell of fun splashing round like kids.

We just had breakfast in the dschungle, that is a guest house right between beach and river all tropic trees, bush, flowers birds and so on. The atmosphere is great there, the breakfast rather continental, toast and eggs but it is ok. Best breakfast for me was at a designer shack in Colva, right at the beach with fresh pinapple juice and all, 2 USD each.

Wolfgang just came in from a designer hair coiffeur looks good, 1 USD, yesterday new glasses half the price from home.

Sorry this machine doesn't accept pictures, it hasnt got the software.

c by Ginapress

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