14 September 2015

Serendipidi in Benidorm

Serendipidy in Spain
Strange things happen to me when I’m on the paseo the Promenade in Benidorm. I’m best left alone or if I am with someone then It has to be a photographer or at least a Knipser, one who sees the joy on peoples faces or one who is in the very  moment to enjoy. There is so much going on all day especially on Sundays when the locals pop in with their large families to enjoy the playa, the beach. Very often they bring food not only Snacks but sometimes even a Picknick table and a real meal. Kids playin the water and the fathers  help digging the beach. The mothers are  happy to meet with their friends for a little chat. Soon after lunch they leave for siesta a break of about 3 hours and the beach is empty except  for us foreign tourists who stay all day since soon our nice holidays will be over and we have to return home into the rain, fog, cold bad weather in the northern parts of Europe.

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