13 September 2015

Holidays in Spain

As you know I am addicted to Spain therefore I recommend all Spain holidays. Whenever you book  a flight to Spain you can  be sure  to find very friendly people, good food and drink and wonderful weather. Of course it is up to you If you book  a cheap Benidorm holiday or a high end one and it depends on the price you want to pay. Benidorm offers all sorts. Just try it out. When being there maybe  you see a hotel that you love more. If so just put it on your list for next year. Or have a look  at tripadvisor. See to it that it is not too far from the beaches since that is where you want to go. And be smart, do take some extra money  for your extra wishes. I know you don't need  anything but once being there you feel you must  have it all. So be prepared. 

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