09 September 2015

Tapa Bars Spanish Culture

I cannot talk about Spain without praising their restaurant culture. As I mentioned before Spain is famous for their tapa bars called taperías. I don't know anybody who does not like to to there. And it is not for tourists only. It is the Spaniards who love it and that is why they have it. Now you have a look at the delicious pinxos here. As I mentioned before pinxos is the toothpic which holds it all together. You enter the bar grab a plate and serve yourself whatever you like be it different cheeses, eggs, sausage, called salchiza, insalata Russa, or tortilla or a combination of them all. Depending on the length of  the toothpic prices vary usually betreten 1,50€ and 2€ per piece. What a smart  idea.  And of course you get a drink with it .Wine, Beer or non alc but being in Spain it is culture to drink local wines or Spanish beers, very delicious all of it. Trust me!

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