08 September 2015

September at the Costa Blanca

Well, as time goes by all of a sudden it is September. Down there at the Costa Blanca they are having rain for the first time in almost 2 years. The farmers are ever so happy since they need it for their crops as there are mainly lemons, oranges and olive trees in the area. School has begun and the beaches belong to the seniors among the tourists.
Spanish tourists need a paseo and a parc to to for a walk after dinner. Here they meet with friends, family and neighbors for a little chat. Some go for a little beer called caña or a crianza, a glass of wine. And since you cannot swallow the drink without giving the teeth something to chew on you get a little something along. Sometimes it is just some peanuts or a couple of olives called  aceitunas sometimes it is a small piece of bread with some local goodies on top. In the Costa Blanca region it is called tapas up north in the Bilbao or San Sebastián region they call it pinxos, the stick. A little  toothpic holds the tower of ad-ons  on top together. 

Smart  pinxos tapas olives beer beach lemons oranges aceitunas toothpic peanuts drink paseo 

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