10 September 2015

South of Spain for Wanderlust

Well, yes it is easy to just spend a day like a real holiday when just thinking of how to get moving. I mean not moving from one pub to the next which in Spain is easy but to save  some money that day and go hiking. As for Benidorm I can recommend just following the promenade called paseo along the two main beaches, called Playa de Levante which means levantar = rising, where the sun is rising, ok, that is the East as everybody knows. All way along you come to the other, even  larger beach called Playa de Poniente. Poner means to put, that is where the sun is setting. As everybody knows that is West. Right in the middle of the two beaches you find the wonderful lookout, the Castillo de Benidorm. If you want to save money that day ignore the Pubs on the way. Very important money  saving and calories saving too, which in many cases is even more important and very smart.  If you get tired from all your exercises you can easily take the bus back for little money. But I can assure you this day will make you happy and proud. And you will get compliments all day long when reporting your Wanderlust at home.

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