08 December 2007

Nyepi in Germany

An ogoh-ogoh evil spirit in Balis Nyepi procession 2007

Tonight from 20:00 to 20:05 lights will be switched off in Germany.
This we experienced in Bali, the Island of the Gods for their New Year. Meant to irritate bad spirits, bhutas and kalas, on their island, Balinese people switch off for a complete day, 24 hours. No light, no TV,no fire, no disco, no planes to land or start on the most beautiful of the Indonesian archipelago.
This has tradition over there and is based in Balis religious beliefs. When it is dark, bad spirits are irritated, don't know where everybody is and leave. This has very good consequences: Bali seems to be empty, no traffic, people stay home and start talking to each other. Best of all, however, is: a day for the climate to recover.
This has been working for many, many years over there.

In Germany we try to do so for 5 minutes tonight. 5 minutes to think about why we switch off. May be others will join us and may be one day we do as the Balinese do: 24 hours switch off.

Bali the trendsetter island - and Nyepi all over the world!Ogoh-ogoh farewell!

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