10 April 2006

To my English speaking fans

Hello everybody
here aare some more pictures from the two of us exploring Goa.
We have moved down to Cavellossim which is at the far end of this 25 km long beach.
It is great down here, temperature, air, water, pool everything around 33 degrees centigrade, bodytemp. being around 37. The beach here is very empty, I mean, real very. sotosay nothing. Just beaches. And the waves come in very strong. You always have to decide, wheather to jump over them or dive. Very often diving is the better.
But thats about all you have to decide in a very long day. Well apart from having a Kingfisher now or later which comes to usually now.
When the food comes in, there are millions of little snails at the beach ist looks as if they were pearls. All of a sudden, they are all gone, right into the wet sand. It looks so good to see them there and a second later gone.

A couple of times we found a turtle at the shore, real big, unfortunately dead, another time there was a snake, thanks heaven dead to.

Today Wolfgang got new glasses, now he sees better, especially the India Herald Newspaper.

Again power cut here, I will post now.

c by Ginapress

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Pa/Wolfgang said...

Don't be too worried about not seeing any photos - getting them properly into the blog just did not work this time ...