25 January 2016

New year's reception of the City of Bensheim 2016

Chimney sweeps offering good luck for the New Year 2016 to Gina and Wolfgang at the official New Year's Reception of the city of Bensheim/Bergstraße 

Gina and  Wolfgang at the official  New Year's reception of the City of Bensheim yesterday. The chimney  sweeps, a symbol of good luck in our country offer them other spezies of luck,  in this case  new pennies with little 4leaf clover. All the officials of politics, churches, schools met in our community Hall, Bürgerhaus, and our mayor, Rolf Richter held a nice speech thanking the community  for the support during  the last year. He asked for support for the great tasks which 2016 will bring. Our Blütenweg Jazzers, well known in the region played some of their famous songs, which everybody knows here in the Bergstraße area.
We had a wonderful morning meeting with many friends WHO live around here.

The photo is a copyrighted official photo by the newspaper's official photographer, so please do not  use it for your purposes. 

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