13 November 2015

Outfit for Casual Dinners aboard the AIDA

Although I should update my capsule wardrobe with autumn stuff I have to give my summer bits and pieces  a last chance for this year. Yes, right  you are, we will be going on holidays. On the AIDA which is a German cruiseboat. https://www.aida.de

Ok, in the land of ALDI, http://www.aldi.de, and LIDL, http://www.lidl.de, they have to have an equivalent on sea.  That is our AIDA. All inclusive, good quality. Something that you can affoard  even if you have lost half your fortune on playing cars, yes cars, not cards. VW I mean not Poker. Sh.. happens. Well and now I am going to pack.
And how easy is this nowadays since I just have to choose from my photos a couple of outfits that I think are appropriate.
What do you think of the following  for casual dinners on the AIDA?  Write a comment.

And from my beauty rack I will choose this one, Silver nail polish from CHANEL which has been waiting for ages to come to new glory. 

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