07 October 2015

Holidays in Tarragona

Well, we continued to Tarragona which we didn't know what to expect of. Yeah and then we went round and round and could not find our hotel. Gee can't they provide you with an exact address that the navi can understand? Can't be that diffiult. Ok, in the end we found it....friendly personell als always in Spain. They do train them well there! 
Sercotel seem to buy all old Hotels right in the centre of any town, refurbish them, provide them with a garage for the car since you don't need one in the centre and Off you go. 3* is enough as long as the beds are ok and the shower works.... Estamos en España........... Next to the Mercado Central is a fine address. Breakfast or not doesn't really matter, there are plenty of little restaurants which provide you with "con leche," coffee with milk and crossants or other fine spanish breakfast items. Give it a try. And be honest... 3* or that extra * for the Gym? Just walk the extra mile and save a lot of money. You don't need the mile on the mill, just hit the road for free! 

And when it comes  to tapas , well just count the pinxos and you will see...11 plus 1/2 raçion de pimentos all for 30€ including drinks .

There is no better way to enjoy  a reasonable holiday. Don't you agree.


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