20 September 2015

Saturday Night in Alicante

So we went to Alicante for a little  Saturday night  fever. As always drinks  and food is cheap there compared to many big cities. You don't spend a lot of money if you go to taperias in the barrio, the old town. Everybody is in holiday  mood and enjoys the nice temperature in the South of Spain. What a Smart way to spend a sSaturday Night. 

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Betreff: Die besten Schulterschwünge said...

Angels in the backfield….(19:48)…and then…ooops…that was a hiptoss. Yes, indeed a hiptoss in the locker room.


…and after the fight the girl receives a cold shower!


…and another one…ulala! Another hiptoss. No nonsense with the Island Angels! It is a hiptoss! At 37:45