11 March 2013

Greetings from Nepal

Hello friends, greetings from Chitwan National Park in Nepal. We went for a nice Elephant Ride in the   djungle yesterday, saw 3 rhinozs, multiple unknown blirds, fasans, peacoks, deer. It was a bit tight up on the elephant since we had to share with 2 guys from Holland cheese .........
Well my computer doesn't work so I can't post photos. We are right now in one of the few cyber stores.
This morning we went to  a nice canoe trip, saw many crocs .... 10-12. After we went to elephant bathing. Lot of fun, people may sit on the elephant and the mahout tells him to splash afterwards everybody slides into the river. .... yes and some animals use the river as toilet too... so lots of fun. We just watched!!!!!!!!!!
The day before we went to Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. Not much there except some 10 huts and 2-3 hotels. Mainly pilgrims from Japan who stay 1 night.
3 days before we went to Pokhara where we saw the Annapurna mountains, did a little hiking there not to call it a real treck but almost.
Tomorrow  we will head over to Kathmandu  and the next day  home. See you then, friend.

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