28 May 2012

Rio Amadorio

Rio Amadorio by Ginas Pics
Rio Amadorio, a photo by Ginas Pics on Flickr.

Rio Amadorio and Rio Sella feed the Embalse, the dam. I can't remember having had so much water ever !!!!!!!!!!!! The blue is al natural like in the Caribbean!

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Kansetsu-Waza said...



Souverän bringt sie ihren Gegner zu Boden und schliesst mit Kansetsu-waza ab.


Subject: The lessons of don Juan

Castaneda Carlos, Journey to Ixtlan, Penguin Books Ltd, Great Britain, 1974

+++ Reaffirmations from the world around us +++ Death is an adviser +++Becoming a hunter +++ The last battle on earth +++ The mood of a warrior +++ The gait of power +++ Not – doing +++ The ring of power +++ A worthy opponent +++ The sorcerer´s ring of power +++ Stopping the world +++…

“There are worlds upon worlds, right here in front of us. And they are nothing to laugh at.”
subject: leggings prohibited

The Black Panther Catsuit…what an ass… (0:19)
Betreff: Gesetzeshüter vor Gericht


Polizist klaute … weil es nicht Taschengeld gab. Hahahahahaaaa!!!!