21 July 2009

Fête de la peinture in Giverny France

Fête de la peinture in Giverny France

Better go to lovely landscape in France where great impressionist painter Claude Monet lived.To the left you see the work of a local artist who painted Monet's house which you can see on the right here. His atelier is in the little lane of Monet's house. Many artists came to live near the master and stayed and are still inspired by his creativity, even up to now ......

Atlanta area Artist Gloria Perkins was awarded the Grand Prize for her painting "Hotel Baudy Poppyfield" at The Fete de la Peinture in Giverny France, June 2009. Mayor Claude Landais and The Association of The Friends of Giverny presented Perkins with The Claude Monet Certificate for outstanding work in Plein Air Painting.

The annual competition for outdoor painting draws oil painters from around the world who compete in a 1 day festival at the home of impressionist painter Claude Monet who lived and worked at Giverny from 1833 until his death in 1926.

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