17 December 2008

Pre Christmas time in Berlin

Well to get some Christmas feeling we decided to go to Berlin for a long weekend. How beautiful the city was decorated. The huge department stores as well as the streets dipped into light.

This is the famous KaDeWe department store.

This is how it looks when you enter. Gold, silver crystals, bulbs, ornaments....

Entrance hall.

This is for window shopping, like a fairy tale

More window shopping.

Near the elevators we find huge decorative vases tastefully made up in either gold or silver.

Of course a Santa is sitting there giving goodies to the kids.

Concerts are being given in almost all churches, be it gospels, organ, instrumental, monks singing or children practicing for Christmas.

Opposite KaDeW we find our famous Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche. A church that was bombed during WWII as was the whole city of Berlin. The old church was not rebuilt but a new one instead next to it. It is classic modern with blue glass windows and huge protecting Jesus instead of a cross over the altar.

Here we see the ruin of the old church and the new one next to it.
The lights are from a Christmas market of which Berlin has ca. 50. They used to sell stuff like warm outfits and sweets but also Christmas ornaments.
Nowadays stalls for hot wine and hotdogs, famous Bratwurst and other specialties are being served.


Cote de Texas said...

Oh my!!! HOW GORGEOUS! and I love that Santa - he is so different than ours!!!

thanks for your comment!

Relyn said...

I'm in!! I really, really hope your wish comes true. I would love to tour Berlin with you in person. Till then, I am very glad to get such incredible glimpses right here on your blog. I love all these images, but Santa the most. He is so much more elegant than ours.

Hollister H. Hovey said...

These are so beautiful! My friend just returned from Berlin and said he'd move there in a second. Looks wonderful.