07 July 2008

50 Years Transnational Friendship Germany-America

Half a century ago, at the age of 12, my good friend Dick in the US and I in Germany started a life long friendship writing to each other. Over the years our families have met several times on various occasions and different places. We even went on holidays together, exploring the beautiful West and North East of the US together. We also met in Germany in our house and went to special sights here in the area.

We have met each other's parents and even our grandparents. Our kids are very good friends, our oldest son was bestman at their son's wedding. Right now our son is on the way to their son's family to see their little baby son, one year old. So that is 4 generations being connected over half a century. Our families will celebrate this special friendship on occasion of our visit to the US in the coming week.

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