12 April 2006

Getting relaxed

Temple at night time near Ponda

Sunset at Colva beach

After a couple of marathon days walking up and down the beaches we are getting more relaxed now.
Also we found an internet cafe with an ok software.
Yesterday we tried out the local designer coiffeurs. Not worse than anywhere in the world. As I said its just hair not a beauty surgery. We feel we are looking good. 2 years ago in Ayutthaya/Thailand elephants were walking behind us while being haircut in the open air salon. Here its more professional, inside but otherwise pretty much the same.
Wolfgang paid 50 I paid 80 Rs. 45 being 1 USD approx.
Otherwise ther is little news to be reported from this side of the world,
by the way comments are always welcome!!!
c by Ginapress

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Wolfgang said...

Hallo Freunde,
hier bin ich in Bensheim und staune ...
Euer Wolfgang