24 February 2009

Cannery Row in Aswan

Here are the fish in tanks, sort of aquariums for sale.

Housewifes do their purchase.
The fish are being fileted and cleaned. The can is just a measure. The fish is not weighed with a scale but measured by the can.
It is sold in plastic bags. If you need a solid can for storage go round the corner.

Now the customer walks round the corner and gets his/her custom made can.

These two men are making new cans from recycled ones next to the fish shops. People come here with their shoppings in plastic bags and get a "tailor made recycled can" to store the fish over a longer time. The one in the foreground is cutting the old can, puts the fish into it and the one in the fine! blue shirt seals it perfectly with lead and all the stuff.

It was so great to watch them ....

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