21 December 2008

Gebrannte Mandeln

Well, actually this is a recipe for my American friends from my German readers since everybody over here knows "Gebrannte Mandeln" from our Wehnachtsmärkte, Christmasmarkets and fairs being held over the year.

When you buy them on the markets they are rather expensive, but making them yourself is very cheap.

This is what you need:

200 g sugar
200 g almonds
1 spoonful of water, just one!!!!! not more baking paper to put them on when hot.

You can make double the amount which works fine, no more it is to heavy stiring then.

Here we go:

put the little water and all of the sugar into a pot and heat it up for 3 minutes, grade 9 of 10.

Now add the almonds. Heat, heat .... stir, stir appr. 5 minutes .... until all caramelizes well. Do NOT add water !!!!

When the almonds have got a nice caramel crust put them all over the the baking paper. Do not lick the sugar spoon!!!!!!!!!! Too hot!!!

CAUTION: Very, very, very, very hot.

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