21 December 2008

Riesenrad - Ferry Wheel

In our little town one big attraction is the ferry wheel that has been put up for the month before Christmas. As you can see it is much, much bigger than the houses in the ceter of the town. funny enough when on the feerry wheel you can look into people's homes. Although you have got a very nice overview over the town and a little into the Odenwald that is the surrounding hills here in the area. Since the cabins are open one has a feeling of being right in the sk. It is even better than flying I think.
tickets are 3 Euros which is reasonable I think.

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Relyn said...

Oh, Gina!! You take the most amazing pictures. I am so thrilled to have your blog in English now. I just stopped by because I couldn't let Christmas end without wishing you all the best that the season had to offer, and here I arrive and feel like you left a present for me. I have such a thing for ferris wheels. I'm a big dreamer, too. Now I am dreaming for riding this gorgeous attraction some day. With you. Merry Christmas. Love, Relyn